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16mm Wide Angle

Unlock an ultra-wide perspective. Enhance your compositions effortlessly using our 0.7X wider field of view, without compromising on image quality.

Double the Frame Size

Capture twice as much in frame without giving up on resolution and clarity.


Dynamic Perspective Up-Close lens provides an ultra-wide 100-degree perspective for all subjects, allowing for radical compositions and stunning visuals.

22X telephoto lens

Capture the unseen beauty beyond the naked eye. Let your camera bring distant objects to life with our zoom lens, revealing details that were once out of reach.

Flattering Mobile Portraits

The ideal choice for highlighting facial features and controlling depth of field. With a slightly more zoomed-in perspective, you'll be able to capture flattering shots that truly showcase your subject's unique features.

2-5x Crisp Optical Zoom

This lens provides unparalleled sharpness in the intricate details of your subject, paired with silky bokeh to enhance your composition.

235° Fisheye

Immerse yourself in any environment with the 235° Fisheye. Get closer to the action with a dynamic view angle that brings your photos and videos to life.

25X Macro Lens

A 25x macro lens can be a valuable tool for photographers who want to capture stunning close-up images of small subjects.

Shallow Depth Of Field

Create sharp focus on subject details, this effect is very flattering for photographing small objects as it helps to draw attention to the subject.

High Magnification

A significant amount of magnification, allowing you to capture details that would be invisible to the naked eye.

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